Extenuating Circumstances

Most of this website is set up to provide guidance for conventional teleworking and typical work situations. During an extenuating circumstance, different protocols and guidelines may be needed for a customized approach to managing employees and workload.

Health Related Emergencies

During a health related emergency, like the COVID-19 outbreak, practicing social distancing to decrease the severity and spread of the virus is essential. Additionally, many daycares and schools are closed, causing unique considerations for staff. We have compiled some resources below to help aid parents, specifically. All teleworking populations can take advantage of much of this content, but some is tailored specifically for work from home parents.

IT Resources

Beyond access to a laptop, there are some other basic tools and resources that can help you be effective working from home. See all suggestions on IT resources, including free communication tools and meeting streaming options, here.

Communicate your schedule

Communicate how you plan to put your hours in daily, and when to your supervisor. You may need to account for breaks to care for young children, or to assist older children or elder adults in your home with tasks. If you have a partner at home with you, consider taking turns providing hands-on assistance to dependents, while the other works.

  • During a health crisis, your hours may not follow conventional 8am – 5pm scheduling, it may be helpful to work in clusters before children are up, or after they are in bed
  • Consider times when your children may be occupied with school work or an afternoon nap as time you can also be productive.

Students and children that are used to daycare settings have daily schedules. Work to adhere to a similar schedule at home. This will provide stability for your children, and help everyone to have tasks and purpose. Some resources, outside of digital learning tools provided by your school district, include:

  • Schooling from home resources for parents and students from UNC School of Education
  • Learn from home resources for all age groups, from Scholastic
  • Send your kids outside when they’re not doing schoolwork for free play. Remember to practice social distancing (6′ distance) to minimize the spread of the virus
  • Being distant from friends may be hard on your children. Consider setting up skype calls with friends for video chats. Older children can help each other with school work, while younger children will enjoy seeing their friends

stay productive

Recognize that for a while, life will follow slightly different conventions and norms. You can stay productive even with children also at home. Some suggestions include:

  • Communicating a list of tasks you will work to accomplish weekly and daily with your supervisor
  • Set up bi-weekly or weekly touch points with your supervisor and other key members of your team to communicate
  • Set up a spreadsheet for your work-site with everyone’s cell number to easily communicate
  • Consider adding an extra ad-hoc office space for your kids to get their school work done
  • Tag team with other adults in your house to participate in important calls and online meetings – communicate with older children you will not be available during that time