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Do you think your workplace may be suitable for telework?

The North Carolina Telework Toolkit includes sample policies and IT guidelines to help potential candidates develop a teleworking program at their workplaces.  These, coupled with materials from the resources below, will help foster a conversation about how to best implement an appropriate telework strategy.


Further Telework Resources:

  • Local Government Resources, and information from the UNC School of Government, with special guidance and updates for COVID-19
  • Interagency Telework Site, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, General Services Administration – Includes telework manual, government documents and reports, information for telecommute coordinators including sample agreement
  • Telecommuting, Telework, and Alternative Officing – Gil Gordon, president of Gil Gordon Associates, a top national telework expert, provides up-to-date telework resource information, including a monthly on-line newsletter, Telecommuting Review.
  • Capitol Rideshare, Arizona – Based on a program in Maricopa County that has a goal of 20 percent of employees actively participating in telecommuting. This is an excellent resource. The site includes questions and answers, training, strategies, and other materials regarding telecommuting.
  • Telecommuting, Telework and Telelifestyles – Many useful links from the University of Washington faculty
  • National Travel Demand Management and Telework Clearinghouse, University of Southern Florida – This USDOT-funded project includes information about alternatives to driving alone and telework programs to meet the congestion, air quality, and mobility challenges facing our communities.